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* DentaBone small med lam 2x60g

kr 79,00 kr 40,00

The DentaBone is especially suitable for the dental care of the dog. The hard
consistency and the good compatibility makes these pressed chewing bones
very popular for all dogs. The DentaBone is gluten free and providing your
dog chewing pleasure in which chewing pleasure is more in the foreground. It
is also suitable for sensitive dogs, because no grain is added. High valuable
ingredients and a good compatibility is the result of these unique product.
Heat treated at 95 ° C.
Composition: Rice, millet, lamb meat (12%), vegetable protein, vegetal fiber,
vegetable oil, minerals
Vitamins: Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E
Analytical Components: 47.0% carbohydrate, 22.0% raw protein, 10.0%
moisture, 8.0% raw fat, 6.0% raw ash, 4.0% crude fiber, 1.2% calcium, 0.8%
phosphorus, 0.3% sodium· Average values: the product is subjected to natural
Feeding recommendation: At any time between meals as a treat and dental
care. Reduce the complete feed accordingly.