X Goody med Lam 100g

kr 69,00

Goody is a cube made of fresh meat, which is carefully dried with a special process.
By this, taste, valuable nutrients, vitamins and trace elements remain in
the product. Ideal for dogs with feeding allergies. Ideal for training, sports and
as a reward. Heat treated at 95 ° C.
Composition: Chicken, beef and lamb (95%), potato starch (5%)
Analytical Components: 5.0% carbohydrate, 56.0% raw protein, 12.0% moisture,
22.0% raw fat, 3.5% raw ash, 1.5% crude fiber · Average values: the
product is subjected to natural fluctuations.
Feeding recommendation: Can be used at any time between meals as a
reward or for training. The complete feed should be reduced accordingly. Can
be mixed as an ideal supplement under the daily feed.