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Akvariedekor Mini Hval med bobler/ action U

kr 149,00 kr 99,00

NB! Dette er et utgående produkt. Om flere bestiller samtidig kan det hende vi går tomme. Vi får da ikke inn produktet igjen , men du vil få en mail om dette.

11 x 8 x 6,8 cm

– made of Polyresin (synthetic resin), true-to-detail created
– absolutely nontoxic, neutral on biological balance
– only for fresh water
– solid colour, slight colour changes are possible after prolonged use
– before using rinse with lukewarm water
– with action

Aqua ornaments are detailed figures with a robust color made of polyresin and therefore absolutely non-toxic. They do not affect the biological equilibrium of the aquarium and are therefore suitable for fresh and saltwater aquariums (articles with LEDs are only suitable for fresh water). Rinse the Aqua Ornament with lukewarm water before stocking (do not use any cleaning agents). Particularly effective effects are achieved through a diffuser and diaphragm pump connection. The rising air bubbles not only create an idyllic atmosphere, but also supply the water with additional oxygen. In addition, a movement mechanism is built into this ornament.