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Croci Klorebrett papp, 48 x 5 x 15cm

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Homedecor scratching posts are a line of cardboard scratching posts for cats, rectangular in shape, simple, functional and decorative; ideal for sharpening claws, playing or napping. They are made with prints that reflect the main trends in the furniture world: Wood, Texture and Animalier. Cardboard is a material much loved by cats because they can destroy it by sharpening their claws. They also like sleeping on it thanks to the insulating power of cardboard.

Homedecor Animalier scratching posts are equipped with non-slip feet: no more scratching posts that slide around while your cat scratches! They can be placed in any corner of the home. They are discreet but essential for sparing your furniture; usable on both sides, doubling their useful life. They include a bag of fragrant catnip which encourages the cat to use the scratching post.

The size 48 x 5 x 15cm is ideal for the cat to lean on to scratch or take a nap. Choose the Homedecor scratching post that best suits your furnishings!