STARSNACK BBQ Top mix, 180g

kr 99,00

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– with 55,9-76,1% chicken or 82,6% duck
– 2-2,5 fat content

The StarSnack Barbecue Minis are pure natural treats for all puppies and small dogs. They consist of chicken meat and an additional component. This Top Mix BBQ is made up of the most popular BBQ Mini Snacks Wrapped Chicken, Chicken Calcium Bone, Duck Jerky and Chicken Jerky. They consist of 55.9-76.1% chicken or 82.6% duck and some 35.4% rawhide. With a fat content of 2-2.5%, they are also low in calories. They serve as a snack or as a reward for sports and games. The reclosable bag provides additional practical handling.